What You Need To Know About Wedding Websites

Planning all of the details of your wedding can be a daunting task and choosing the perfect wedding invitation can be overwhelming. Believe me, I’ve been there! Do you choose to have an entire invitation suite printed and mailed out? Do you go completely digital and send evites? Or is there a way to combine the two? No need to fret, having a wedding website combines the best of both worlds!

Most wedding invitation companies have realized that we live in a digital world and have created websites that match the designs of their cards. This is a great way to take the beautiful elements of your cards and put them in a digital format for your guests. But looks aren’t everything, the website needs to be functional too!

When searching for the perfect website, you may want to set a list of key features that the website needs to have to be of the best use to you. For me, the ability to have guests enter their addresses and mark their RSVP response was a top priority. I also wanted to be able to include photos, our story, and social media links to let those that wouldn’t be able to attend the wedding still feel included. I also wanted to include our wedding menus on the site so our guests could select their meals before the wedding. Let me tell you, it took a little research, and a few trial runs with different companies, but I found the website that best suited my fiancé and me!

To be honest, I set up my wedding website long before I ever printed my invitations. Why? The website I found allows me to send out a personalized link to share through social media and email so that I can have guests enter their addresses for me. Once a guest entered their address, my own personal address book was created and made printing their addresses on the invitation envelopes a breeze! But not all sites have this feature, so if this is a priority, it could limit your choices.

My website also allowed me to customize the end of the URL. This helped me to feel like it was personal and helped guests easily find it. I was also able to include the URL on my invitations because I created it before I printed them. Not only did the website allow me to collect RSVP responses, but it also saved me a good amount of money because I did not need to print and stamp separate response cards for the guests to mail back. I was guaranteed that a response didn’t get lost in the mail!

Most wedding websites allow for photos, love stories, and wedding details, but some do not allow you to embed links to other sites. My site allowed me to, so I took advantage of it! With one click, guests were able to visit our social media sites to see our honeymoon travels and donate to our honeymoon fund. They could also see our venue location through Google Maps and all related parking information. It was one-stop for all of the extra information I couldn’t include on the invitation!

If you think that a wedding website is for you, I highly recommend sitting down and creating a list of features that you can’t live without. This will help you weed out the sites that will not work for you. If you do this, you will find that perfect site for you and your fiancé!