How to Make a Statement with Your Engagement Ring

If you’re planning on popping the question, you’re most likely anxious to make sure you get a ring that your partner adores. It’s not surprising that the different kinds of engagement rings are ranked rather high in search engines. If you’re looking for a ring that will blow your partner away, we’ve compiled the cream of the crop to give you the information you need.


Make a Set


If you want to show your partner that they are ‘the one’ there’s no better way of saying so than with an engagement ring that is crafted precisely to go with your wedding band. More than simply being styled similarly; a true set will look as though they are complete when they are together, akin to yin and yang while standing strong until the big day. Not only are these sets magnificent and beautiful, but they also show your partner that you mean business.


Personalize the Shape


We all want a ring that will reflect us as a person and by customizing your ring accurately to your partner, is a great way of telling them ‘I know you as I know myself’. Traditional diamond rings may be classy and beautiful, but a ring that compliments your partner’s build will satisfy them on a much more personal level. Perhaps your partner would be enamored by a gem daintily held by a sleek band, whereas someone else would like the gem to be held firm by a thick ring that reminds them of the steadfast love of their partner.


Choose Your Designer


A designer is more than a name; a ring by them encapsulates everything they stand for. Tacori, with their strong family ethic and heritage in vintage design, would be perfect if you and your partner are lovers of the history of jewelers, or simply admire their family values and tenacity to prevail. Understanding your designer adds hidden value to your ring; as it has a story to tell before it finds its final home with your betrothed.


Choose an Unexpected Shape


If you want to impress your partner, shying away from tried and true methods is almost a tried and true method in and of itself. Some couples opt for minimalism, while others prefer bright, flashy rings. Akin to personalizing your ring, choosing a shape that reflects your partner: the color of their eyes or shade to contrast their skin color will set the ring apart from the rest. Distinct cuts will catch the eyes of many (not to imply that the conventional cuts aren’t stunning) as their uniqueness will amplify that of your partner’s.


Bigger is Better


The most popular method, the truly tried and true way to make a statement to your to-be is to give them the biggest diamond you can muster. While in modernity more and more gems are being used for engagement rings, such as sapphire and emerald, all the biggest weddings are marked by the biggest diamond rings. Going large is the de facto way to pop the question to your partner.