How To Hack Women’s Fashion: Four Important Tips

There’s a certain stereotype floating around: shopping for men’s clothes, whether online or in-store, is comparatively hassle-free compared to when women shop. According to many people, women spend much more time picking out their outfits, getting ready, and looking stylish for the occasion, while men just pick out any outfit from the closet and call it a day.

And, alright, while it’s not true for every guy, there might be some truth to the belief that women might have a more difficult time putting together an outfit for the occasion. Many women have far more elaborate skincare, beauty and cosmetic routines than men, and have a far larger variety of clothing to choose from than men do.  Just take a look at a few random women’s wardrobes: you might find an array of dresses, tops, skirts, pants, and other clothing in a dizzying array of styles and colours. Women’s fashion senses and tastes can wildly differ from girl to girl, even if the two girls are from the same age range. Even accessories are no different: a lot of women put time and effort into getting beautiful jewellery like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, while even the styles of bags can make a difference in women’s fashion.

So while it may not be wise to generalise, women’s fashion may seem a little daunting to those who are uninitiated. Where to start, with all those accessories, dresses, heels, shirts, and more? If you’re looking to buy clothing for a girl you don’t know too well, or if you’re a woman who just plain wants to change up your outfit, the choices may overwhelm you. Here’s a how-to guide on how you can make any wardrobe pop, complete with a few helpful tips.

A few general fashion tips to take note of

Before you start picking and planning out your outfit of the day, but don’t know where to start, take a moment to pause and evaluate. There’s no need to panic!

Dress for yourself. First and foremost, dress for yourself instead of thinking about others. While the way others perceive you may be important as well, don’t forget that your outfit is a reflection of who you are. Don’t be afraid to express yourself! Start by picking out the outfits you’re most comfortable with and what you think you prefer and start from there.

If you’re shopping for someone else, then don’t be afraid to do your research and look into what she likes. Pay attention to what she usually wears, her hobbies and interests, and other things that might hint at her clothing preferences.

Check what size and style suit you best. Just like the clothing that women like to wear, women come in all shapes and sizes as well. People with an hourglass figure might not look good in a dress that fits a, say, pear or apple shape body type. Not all clothes will look flattering on the type of body that you or the girl who will receive your present will have.

Don’t get a dress, top, or other sorts of clothing that will look unflattering on your figure, even if you liked the design or style of clothing like how it looks in a magazine. Oftentimes, it will look a bit different on you than the model. It’s always a good idea to fit your new clothes before choosing to buy them.

Going casual? Dress for comfort. If you’re going for a short encounter with friends or family, then might as well dress for comfort, right? You’re not looking to impress anybody so it should be a safe bet to dress however you want. Go for a more casual look with comfortable heels or sneakers, pants, plain shirts, and other popular items of clothing.

Following fashion trends. Want to look stylish and at your best, no matter the occasion? That isn’t difficult to do if you just stay on top of current fashion trends. Keep up-to-date with recent fashion trends by consulting fashion magazines or following tips from fashion bloggers or websites. There are usually a few places where you can get some inspiration for your outfit and make a look that’s 100%, genuinely you!


Once you’ve taken note of these four important tips, you’re ready to get the hang ouf women’s fashion. Go ahead and make some changes to your wardrobe!

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