Highlights On Street Photography 

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Street photography is a controversial topic in most countries. There are certainly more popular genres in European countries, and most prefer to deal with portrait or landscape photography.

For most photographers. Street photography is the most complicated photographic area. Therefore, even photographers who are not interested in street photography can benefit from trying them out.

It trains the eye, takes you mentally further, and forces you to work well even under pressure. In this article, you will find out exactly how you can benefit from this and what the challenges are in street photography.

What is street photography

To make it easy, there are only two criteria that a street scene has to meet.

It must have been created in public. This does not necessarily mean on the street, but also includes public buildings or other events.

It has to be bare. To have a “real” documentary character, the picture must not be presented or influenced.

The tasks of street photography are also described with these two criteria.

Street photography documents public life at a certain point in time and reflects the zeitgeist.

Fears In Street Photography

Street photography requires that the photographer leave his comfort zone and be open to people. Photographing strangers and public situations sound unusual at first.

When we think about it, we ask ourselves how well the other people would react to us, whether we would have to face confrontations and even overcome ourselves to take photos freely.

A wedding photographer, who has to photograph a wedding party of maybe 100 people, has to overcome the same problem and is the center of attention.

As a street photographer, it can also quickly happen that not everyone is positive. You have to be able to react confidently to these situations.

You have to overcome your fears and fears if you want to hold onto the unfettered life.

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